BAFATEX and Keyser Foundation foster scholarship funds at Technical University Aachen

Scholars, sponsors and professors met at the foundation celebration of the Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technical University (RWTH) Aachen to celebrate the successful completion of the selection process. 483 outstanding students out of 2.150 candidates from all 18 faculties prevailed for the scholarships 2019.

The coronation hall of the Aachen townhall was the perfect setting for the festive evening. After the opening speech by mayor Marcel Philipp, the principal of the Aachen university RWTH Aachen, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. h. c. mult. Ulrich Ruediger, gave a warm welcome to the guests.

rwth aachen bildungsfonds rektor ulrich rüdiger mit jochen keyser

BAFATEX managing director Jochen Keyser with RWTH principal Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ruediger

In the name of the RWTH Prof. Ruediger thanked the sponsors for their engagement and bestowed them the scholarship certificates to pass them on to the scholars.

rwth aachen bildungsfonds stipendium

Astrid and Jochen Keyser with their sponsored scholars

The Jochen, Lore-Marie and Astrid Keyser Foundation fosters Ms. Ena Ivanovic und Mr. Matthias Hanschke, two scholars of the RWTH education funds. The BAFATEX Bellingroth GmbH & Co. KG fosters two more scholars: Ms. Katharina Hornberg and Mr. Dominic Kothe.

rwth aachen bildungsfonds stipendiaten meet and greet

We are delighted about the opportunity to get to know promising scholars and to learn about their professional objectives. A future employment and collaboration with the people and corporations that supported them during their studies is a welcome opportunity for the students.

rwth aachen rektor mit astrid keyser 2018

BAFATEX managing director Astrid Keyser with RWTH principal Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ruediger

Two sponsorships: BAFATEX Bellingroth GmbH & Co. KG


… and the Jochen, Lore-Marie und Astrid Keyser Foundation:


For a better world

Sponsoring the edication funds is a way to qualify young people to solve the challenging problems of our time. From maximizing the efficiency of regenerative energy sources over medical research and the development of a circular economy up to the realization of  new traffic systems: These scholarships pave the way for a better world.

rwth aachen bildungsfonds

Scholars, sponsors, professors. mayor

Henry-Ford-, Porsche IT- and “Germany” scholarship

The education funds supports three scholarships:

The beneficiaries of the “Germany” scholarship (3.600 Euro p.a.) are chosen by the faculties.

The Henry-Ford scholarship rewards outstanding engineering students. Beyond a funding of 3.600 Euro p.a. the students receive a budget to organise seminars, workshops and activities.

The Porsche IT scholarship supports excellent students of computer sciences (4.272 Euro p.a.).