BAFATEX Yarn Donation to Ukraine processed to 12.000 pairs of socks

We are happy to report that our donation of 750 kilograms of cotton yarn has been processed by Ukrainian companies into 12,000 pairs of socks.

As the “Agency for Sustainable Development ASTAR” confirmed, our yarn was first dyed in Ukraine and finally processed into urgently needed socks for the armed forces and the suffering civilian population.


The yarns, which were delivered to seven textile processing companies in the Khmelnytskyi oblast (province), also helped to secure jobs.

750 kilograms of high-quality cotton yarn were woven into socks by these Ukrainian textile companies.

Oleh Demchuk from “ASTAR” presents high-quality socks woven from the donated cotton yarn.

Examples of the finished products that went to the armed forces and the suffering population